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Petra Skodova, alias Maya Full Power, is a  professional dancer, model, choreographer, costume designer and multi skilled performance artist from Czech Republic.


She focuses on fusing her Bellydance & Burlesque vocabulary of movement with Circus & Fire Performances to enhance the 'Wow' factor and highlight skill.  


The grace, emotions and passion in her movement leave audiences astonished and touched; her level of skill, in awe and the elements of comedy in her burlesque performances trigger great laughter & win the Hearts of her fans forewer.


Her unique style and presentation on stage has been shaped by the versatility of her performance experience and

her dance technique polished by many teachers.


Here is a list of mentors


Dance and other training

Magic Free Group / HipHop n Streetdance

Zdenek Kurfurst / Tai Chi

Dagmar Dance School / Ballroom Dancing

Svetlana Synakova / ATS

Magdalenka Muzikova / Oriental Style Bellydance

Graziela Calis / ATS

Jiva / Tribal Fusion

Lenka Afsana Adamkova / ATS and Zills


Tribal Fusion Training and Intensive

Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique

"I have to pause here, because Zoe is my biggest Hero, Tribal Fusion Guru and inspiration. My Heart was melting watching her youtube videos way before i met her. And when i went to America in 2014 and got to study with her right next to the Beats Antique recording studio, my biggest dream came through and changed my life. Ever since than i dream to go back. She is a phenomenal dancer, teacher, choreographer, music producer, costume designer and the most awesome downtoearth person. I truly love her, bless her dancing feet!"


Other Workshops in Tribal Fusion

Sharon Kihara, Olivia Kissel, Jill Parker, Anasma, Mira Betz, Heather Stans, Luciterra, Nagamani, Nakari, Karolina Lux


Other Intensives

Colleena Shakti / Oddissi, TF

Boogiloop / Electric Boogie and Miming

ZapZap / Performance Techniques

Lia Pavlidis / Urban TF Bellydance


Burlesque Workshops and Inspiration

Bella A Gogo

Karolina Lux


Hula Hoop, Fan, Poi, Stilt Walking, Clowning and Fire Spinning Skills

Cork Circus, PassePartout; Juggling Conventions and InJuCo

YouTube and trick sharing with wonderful circus friends






Here is a brief BIO of her professional life

Her career as a performance artist started in Ireland in 2006 where she has worked as a contemporary street circus performer, teacher and burlesque artist with PassePartout Circus Arts & Street Theatre Co.

In 5 years of working with Passe Partout, she developed her theatricality, character versatility and confidence on stage. PassePartout toured Ireland successfully with their 'Embrace the Fire' fireshow, sleak cabaret acts, crazy walkabout characters and circus workshops.


In 2008 Petra co-founded a bellydance company called Shaktimaya Bellydance and began to use her stage name Maya.

Shaktimaya focused on fusing bellydance with flow arts and fire in their performances and taught classes and workshops.


In 2012 Maya set off on a journey east and began her solo career as a traveling artist, Maya Full Power.

In India she had found the perfect ground to keep learning and developing as an artist as well as a place to push her own boundaries of creation to extreme.

She began to organise annual events in Goa called Burlesque Extravaganza and in 2015 she organised 1st Goa Burlesque Festival.


Meaning of the name ´MAYA´


The name Maya carries a strong energy, its meaning varies according to different cultures. In Hindu  philosophy it means  "Illusion", more accurately "the power by which the Universe becomes manifest","magic" or "wisdom".

In Hindu Mythology it is an alternate name for Goddess Durga.  

According to traditions, Maya was the name of the mother of Siddartha Gautama Buddha and in Japan, there is a mountain named after her.

In Nepalese it means "Love".

In Arabian and Indian-Pakistani it means "Princess", in Hebrew "spring" and in Old Persian it means "generous".


'Art from the Heart' is her motto that reminds her to keep authenticity and to share true feelings with her spectators and students.

'Full Power' is her lifestyle as well as her energy on stage.


Dance has been her passion, meditation and healing journey as far back as her memory goes and she is strongly aware of its benefits on the body and the mind.


"Through dance and movement, one becomes aware of himself and his body. Through flow arts, personal space gets extended and one has to be even more aware and in the moment. It becomes a moving meditation. I have always been fascinated by eastern philosophies, yoga and meditation and I love how living in India has helped me to finally understand what lies behind my huge drive to be on stage. The answer is, that the moment I step on stage, anything is possible and everything else including my Mind cease to exists. Everything shrinks to the very moment and becomes One. No thoughts, no time, just energy. Pure Presence, the Essence of Being."


"Art and performance is a powerful communication tool, but One has to be aware of the reason why is he on stage and the intention of what he's sharing.

I wish to continue to spread love, light and positive energy through my Art in this world.

And i pray through my workshops to inspire other women to find their strength, confidence and inner beauty.

May All Be Happy, May All Be Well!"      MFP 2015

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