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Live Performances


Standard act is 4-6 minute long choreographed routine to my own choice of music, but it is also possible to book as side shows creating atmosphere in a venue or as improvised performances to live music or DJ.

Your particular request can be discussed via email and price agreed accordingly.


Choose from the variety of styles and props listed below to suit your event, venue and taste and follow to contact page to get in touch for booking!


Maya Full Power, tribal fusion bellydancer
Tribal Fusion Bellydance


Tribal Fusion Bellydance is a most modern style of Bellydance which has been born on the West coast of United States mainly in Portland and the Bay area (San Francisco). It derives from its prior step in the bellydance evolution - ATS (American Tribal Style Bellydance) breaking free from the rules and expressing the need for authenticity in dance.


It is a very enchanting and graceful dance style with a strong aesthetic element as well as an emphasis on the precise technique of body isolations, muscle strength and flexibility.


Guaranteed to add a special touch of mysticism to any occasion


Also available with VEIL FANS, SWORD or FIRE


Maya has a range of choreographed burlesque striptease acts, which most of them you can find on her youtube channel. 2 of her most iconic ones - PeaCock and Circustastic Hoopoholic, you can see in the video gallery

At the moment she is working on new solo feather fan acts and a special new burlesque striptease act Red Temptress.

Feel free to contact her about the availability of these new acts!

Maya Full Power 2_Alexandra
Hula Hoops


Maya Full Power's special SUPERPOWER is her hula hoop spinning skills which she has earned over the years of training and 5 year performance experience with Passe Partout modern circus and street art company in Ireland.

Hula hoop act is available also as a burlesque striptease, check out the video in a video gallery

Fire Acts


available acts: Fire Hula Hoop, Fans, Torches with fire crown


The element of danger as well as the magical enchantment of fire adds a mystical level to any show.


Fire performances are available both burlesque or tribal fusion style

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